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The fun—a video game console, TV, DVR, DVD, and stereo system—that your family room provides comes with a price. By reducing standby power, using rechargeable batteries in remotes, and replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents, you could save up to $130 a year in energy costs.

And if you’re in the market for a new TV, you can save even more energy by being flexible on the type you buy.

Certain home maintenance tasks should be completed each season to prevent structural damage, save energy, and keep all your home’s systems running properly. These maintenance tasks are most important for the South in fall and winter. For a comprehensive list of tasks by season, refer to the to-do lists at the end of this article.

Fall and winter conditions in the South vary dramatically from the northern part of the region to the southern coastline. But basic maintenance tips apply no matter where you live.

Almost one-third of the water your family uses—some 100 gallons a day on average—ends up on your yard and garden, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Nationwide, more than 7 billion gallons a day go to landscape irrigation. If that weren’t problem enough, as much as half that water is wasted. It falls on sidewalks or evaporates into the air before it ever reaches the ground. With a few simple changes to the way you water, you can save a precious resource and lower your bills at the same time. To remember the steps to take, just use our handy acronym: DIRTS, which stands for drip irrigation, recapture, timers, and sensors.

You can fill your garden with color that will last through the sultry summer season. That's the word from a green-thumb who knows this area well: Kim Fogarty, manager of Blooming Colors Nursery and Landscaping in Grapevine. Here are the top 10 plants she recommends planting. Read more...

Lawn quality is generally measured in terms of color, density and uniformity. Cultural practices, particularly fertilization, largely determine lawn quality. A fertilization program should include timely fertilizer applications in amounts and formulations that meet the requirements of your lawn. Excessive nitrogen applications stimulate production of leaves and stems and increase the mowing requirements. Higher water requirements, increased thatch and increased susceptibility to insects and diseases also results from excessive application of nitrogen. Poor timing of fertilizer applications, such as mid-summer and early fall applications of soluble nitrogen, also increases the likelihood of chinch bug and brownpatch problems in St. Augustine lawns. Read more.....

Moving from one home to another always puts a lot on one's plate. Nevertheless, moving does not have to be a bad experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may make your move a little smoother. Read more...

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Many renters do not realize that they can take advantage of the vast knowledge of a Realtor to find a rental property at no expense to them. As an experienced Realtor I know the different areas that rent homes and condos in a variety of price ranges. Most people will list their rental properties with an agent, which means that they are marketed on the MLS in full detail – making looking for properties that fit your needs easy and time efficient.

Please give me a call if you have a property to list for rent of if you are looking a rent that perfect place!